The Original Telescopic Folding USB Charging Fan

This Fan was born out breaking the traditional norms of normal fans.

- It is revolutionary fan smaller and more convenient than traditional floor-standing fans.

- It can be folded for easier storage and easily charged by plugging into a USB port such as a mobile battery, AC charger, PC or car charger, etc.

- It is energy saving and environmentally friendly design. 

- This new upgraded fan can be Rotated 180°, Rotate to fix the pole and pour it forward according to any situation you need. 

- 4 adjustable wind modes (low/medium/high/natural) are available by easily pressing the power button. And there are 3 anti-skid pad on the bottom of the fan base to bring you cool wind stably.


Our Telescopic Folding USB Charging Fan is perfect for everyone because of how easy it is to carry around!


The size of our Telescopic Folding USB Charging Fan is not too big that you can't move it around but not too small that you don't get significant amount of air. We found the sweet spot. It can be used as stand fan or table fan according to your requirement

Wide Application

It can be placed anywhere and can be clipped. It is best to take it outside when camping, summer fireworks festivals and festivals, watching sports, etc. and indoors at the office, library, kitchen, living room and toilet. Built in with 7200mAH battery can be used up to 14 hours for one charge.

Adjustable Speed and Height

Press the switch, can be adjusted to 4 steps simulation of weak wind, medium wind, strong wind, natural wind. Very convenient to use.

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Don't Take Our Word For it! Here's What Our Customers think:

  • Neil D.

    " Works like a charm. Very happy! Keeps me cool. "

  • Marie J

    " I just love this fan! Energy saving and very useful for outdoors like picnic with my family. "

  • Chris C

    " I am an adventure enthusiast and it is blessing to me, I am mostly outdoors and this fan is always with me , couldn't live without it. "

  • Sunny H

    " I keep it in my purse and by my side always. It makes my hot flashes so much more bearable, with little effort. No more taking clothes off and putting them back on and taking them off and on and on. No more kicking up the air and increasing my already expensive electric bill. This fan was worth every penny I spent. " 

  • Mama G

    "This little fan is truly amazing! I live in Florida where the weather is hot & humid almost all year long, and this fan is a lifesaver. I was stunned the first time I used it because the cold air this thing puts out is fantastic."

  • Naomi B

    ". Loved this thing, i was in japan & korea for 32 days. (Moonsoon and typhoon season!) it has multiple settings so you can adjust the fan’s power. After that trip, i used it again while on a hiking trip in Virginia for a few days. Works great."